Superhero Pub Crawl – Reno, NV 07.15.17

I am SO EXCITED for the Reno Superhero Pub Crawl!!!!  It is ALWAYS a good time, and this year…..Batman, you best watch out – we are rolling as Batman villains – Batman your enemies are also a beautiful fun dream!   Myself and five of my girlfriends are going as Batman Villains: Joker, Scarecrow, Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy and Two Face.

  • Here is some basic information about the event – The Reno Superhero Crawl is the most fun way to help local kiddos – you dress up as your favorite hero or villain, party it up in downtown Reno with thousands of other costumed peeps and it helps local kids at the same time – look at us we ARE Superheros!!!!   The proceeds from the Reno Superhero Crawl are donated to local schools – this event (and the Reno Santa Crawl) has donated thousands over the years to local area schools.  We really are saving the world – one drink at a time…….this year superheros and villains will be taking over the streets of downtown Reno for a night of epic fun – 07.15.17 – Batman you best watch your back!
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check out their website or facebook page – they post hotel discount codes – also they list where they will pre-sell the event cups.  Now the run down on the cups – you purchase a souvenir cup for $5 – it will get you into bars/clubs that normally have a cover charge (that in itself is a deal!) – also at all the crawl bars there will be drink specials for those with the crawl cups.  I always get two of the souvenir cups (it is for the kids after all!) and take them home – my pub crawl plastic cup game is STRONG!

Now for the real reason I get so excited for these crawls….COSTUMES!!!!  I just cant explain how ridiculously happy I am just thinking about all the details of costuming – the planning of it all just makes me beyond happy!  I will post pictures of the costume “inspiration” and after the crawl (well maybe a few days after, I hope I have so much fun I need days to recover) I will post pictures of the final take OR you can just follow my instagram…..I will definately be posting pictures the night of the crawl – @thishivedotcom ThisHive’s Instagram.  Also on my pinterest board I have a Costumes – Superhero Crawl board where I pin my favorites and ideas for upcoming years – ThisHive’s Superhero Crawl Costume Pinterest Board.  I will be adding many more Costume boards so please give me a follow!

Here are the inspirations for my dream team of a villian crew –

Well……I hope you can make it to this crawl – really it is so worth it – so much fun in fact that I have actually come to the Superhero Crawl AND the Santa Crawl while pregnant (the Santa Crawl while VERY pregnant) and still had a BLAST!  Check out my pinterest Costumes – Superhero Crawl board for inspiration – OR send me an email ( and I would be happy to brainstorm with you…..or even hire me to make your costume – let me know!

Until the update to this post – bye for now!
Mama BEE