Reno Superhero Crawl 7.15.17 Villains of Batman crew

Here is my blog on the 2017 Reno Superhero Crawl itself……a follow up from my excitement blog click here for my post in anticipation of the SuperHero Crawl

Sadly two of our Batman villain crew couldn’t join us – Penguin and Poison Ivy – but rest assured the rest of us put that bat threw it!!  ha ha

Our drive up was great – girlfriends catching up on things…..when we got to Reno we stopped at Brothers BBQ to eat – the mac and cheesy was amazing – the cornbread was also so good (and I normally don’t eat cornbread) – I got the ribs – they were okay – I wasn’t diggin the rub but the bbq sauce was yummy……next stop was the Chocolate Walrus – we were on the look out for a couple items to make my costume just a little more perfect – and I found it!  Thank you Chocolate Walrus!  Next stop our hotel – this trip as with most of my trips to Reno the hotel of choice was Whitney Peak – nice, clean and I love the concierge level – they have breakfast, evening drink service and soda’s/snacks during the day – they did get smart and changed the drink service to each room gets a couple drink vouchers and pay for each drink after, but at $7 a drink eh no thank you – in the past it had just been take what you like – dang it they smartened up!

This year was really really really strange – every year I have attended this fun-ness there have been a THOUSAND people dressed in costume, and the streets of downtown Reno full of fun party people AND the participating crawl bars FULL of superheros and villains.  Here is a youtube video from a year I made it onto one of my favorite shows – Art Mann Presents ThisHive YouTube – I made it onto AMP! – if you haven’t subscribed to his channel yet you really should  – the amazing TV that comes from his travels is the BEST!  Now back to 2017 Superhero Crawl – this year……super weird!

The streets of Reno – crickets

The peeps dressed in costumes – maybe 150 people (now that is a crazy drop in attendance – WTF – where were all the people?  was there some other event I didn’t know about?  like Tupac revealing he really is alive and kicking???  that would be worthy of missing this crawl – so so so weird!!!)

The participating crawl bars – EMPTY (for the most part) – so there were 14 bars on the list which all have drink specials and no cover charge.  Our crew made it to all the bars – and here is the low down:

  • Harrah’s Plaza: this is basically the start – this is where you pick up the cups you already paid for or purchase cups, there is a photo booth for those who have cups and they print the pic for you right there (also posted it to Facebook), live music and drinks being served.  Now when we rolled up to Harrah’s Plaza it was pretty empty – I was thinking maybe because its early – it was 8pm-ish – usually we take WAY longer getting ready and start around 10pm, not this time woop woop!  I thought for sure later on the heroes and villains would come out of their lairs…….with this location being so empty we decided to start our journey and mission – the mission of the night “visit all the participating bars”.
  • Brew Brothers:  this bar always has people in it – great beer selection and good food – even when there is not an event going on this place has a line – however on this night not a superhero in sight.
  • Rumbullion’s: this is a favorite of mine – make sure you get there early because like Brew Brothers always a line!  we did get here earlier in the night – before 9pm and was d.e.a.d.   There were some costumes – while we were there maybe 30 people in the bar and at most half in costume…….so different from the year before.  I thought to myself maybe its still early……
  • El Jefe: no line, not many people at the bar – looked like the people in there were finishing up their dinner – we would have ate there but they stopped serving food shortly before we go there – damn it – we wanted TACOS – yummmm
  • Aura: normally you want to visit this place early to get a hand stamp because later later there will be a monster line and its a super fun place to get your groove on – we showed our id’s entered the club and two girls on the dance floor, maybe 4 people sitting watching the show that those 2 girls were putting on, a group of costumed superheros came in behind us (maybe 6 of them) and that was all in the club – crickets!  so we exited and hoped it will be better around 2am…..
  • Siri Casino:  this is a small casino/bar/food place – not my favorite really during the crawl but one of my favorites before getting ready for the crawl – its nice to hang at the bar and just chit chat with the bartenders and random guests…..during the crawl the people who seem to like to hang here are creepy and way forward……
  • Waterfall: so far this night Waterfall had the most people in it – and the most people in costume – we actually had to look at the bar to find a spot to order – ordered our drinks, found a nice place to sit (normally there aren’t any places to sit), listened to the music and occasionally got up to shake our groove thangs.  This bar probably had 50 people in it – maybe half in costume.  Normally  the dance floor is packed but this year if I had wanted to do cartwheels all over the place I totally could have!
  • Faces NV: we were pretty excited to check this bar out – here in Sacramento we have a Faces and the owner is super nice – he opened a Faces up in Reno – well……..the eye candy was on point for sure…..maybe 20-30 people in the bar – and maybe 10 of us in costume……
  • Tonic: no line, maybe 5 people in the bar – only us in costume – clearly by this point I am realizing something is so wrong!!!  Where are all the superheros and where are my fellow villains???
  • 5 Star Saloon: there was a line to get in (it is pretty sad that we were excited to wait in a line), the bar had lots of people around it (again sad that we were happy to have to wait to get drinks) and the dance floor was happening!  probably a quarter of us in costume here……
  • Harrah’s Saphire Lounge:  this is usually a favorite of mine (they usually play hip hop and rap) but this night……again no line to get in, maybe 10 people in the bar and we were the only ones in costume…….soooo weird!
  • Shooters: no line for this place, they had hula hoops for us to play with (that was fun) – we were the only ones in costume (aside from the bouncer dude who went to get his batman mask to have playful banter with us batman villains) – maybe 15 people in this bar but seemed to be locals who are always at this bar – and the lady bartenders NEVER did acknowledge us or take our drink order in the 15-20 minutes we were standing there (again not at all busy!!!)  so we bounced.
  • 3rd Street Bar: they had a band and maybe 15 people in this bar – we hung here for a while – maybe 8 of us dressed in costume –
  • 1UP: no line, maybe 10 people inside – this one we literally walked in then walked out!

The upside of nobody out and about – we didn’t have to wait in lines to get in to bars, didn’t have to wait in lines to go to the restroom (you ladies will feel me on that) and didn’t have to wait for drinks.  The downside – I didn’t get to do my social butterfly thing that I love to do so much!!!!  Another upside – our crew really go to have fun together – focused on each other – a quiet night out with the girls dressed as batman villains – you know a normal day in the life.

To end the night – this is a must do – The Nugget – mmmmmm the yummiest grub in Reno!  aside from 5 Star Saloon this little dive food stop had more people in costume than all the other bars –

this is my 2nd favorite crawl of all the Reno crawls – 1st being the Santa Crawl – will I do this crawl next year – ummmmmm hell yes!  will I have fun if there are 20 people dressed up or 1200 people dressed up – hell yes!!  Will I continue to go all out on the costume – hell yes!!!!  If any of you reading this would like me to help you design, make, come up with ideas, come up with themes let me know I would be happy to help!  I will have some costume pieces listed in my esty shop soon…..I put together (and made some of) the Joker costume and Riddler costume – I am sooooooo happy with how they both turned out – but the Riddler one turned out amazing – she looks amazing right?  Scarecrow – she made that costume – bad ass right????  and TwoFace – also made – freaking awesome!

Reno Superhero Crawl – Batman Villains – Scarecrow, TwoFace, Riddler, Joker

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Bye for now, mamaBEE

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