Reno Santa Pub Crawl – Most Awesomest Event EVER!

**this is my blog post from 2016**  new shenanigans will be had this year 2017 and I will of course post a new blog…..

Reno Santa Pub Crawl – this is THE EVENT I look forward to EACH year!


So Reno has the best pub crawls – I know what you are thinking Reno – Reno Nevada???  Its true!  And if I had to pick just one to go to – just one – it would hands down be the Santa Crawl.  I usually attend at least 4 of the pub crawls in Reno every year – but if I had to chose one – Santa is sooo it!

Here is my list of favorite Reno Crawls:

Reasons to love the Santa Pub Crawl:

  • They give all proceeds to local schools (pretty rad!)
  • The costume ideas are endless (although for 5+ years I have been Sacramento Kings Santa) – I have a bunch of ideas on my Pinterest page I might do someday – who am I kidding I probably won’t because I LOVE my KINGS Santa outfit – if you want to check out my other ideas here is my Pinterest board
  • Over 10,000 fellow Santa’s yule-tiding it up
  • Santa skiing/snowboarding at Mt. Rose the morning of the crawl
  • And it’s simply the most awesomest crawl in all the land!

Mark your calendars for next year – and head to Reno – I promise you will have a great time – even the Grinch would have a blast!!!!  12/9/17

2016 – This year the plan was for the hubs, myself, one of my really good friends who loves Biggie but I love her so much I can look past that flaw and her husband.  Well that plan fell apart, my most wonderful husband stayed home with our crumbs and insisted I still go since this is in fact what I look forward to each year (love him!)…..since my main partner in crime isn’t going this year I didn’t do the Santa snowboarding – if you want a really great time on the slopes – do this it is a blast – usually there are around 40 people dressed in Christmas costumes shredding together – bonus to this is you get discounted lift tickets if you are dressed in costume (just a Santa hat isn’t a costume!) – there is a time where all the “fun” people meet and we take group pics then head up the lifts together – generally we do a couple runs together – in this group there are a couple people taking pics and videos – its sooooo fun!  Mt. Rose is where the Santa crew shreds on the day of the Santa Pub Crawl – website is facebook @mountroseskitahoe Instagram @mtroseskitahoe Here are a few pics from years past…..


Here is a pic from this year – took from Mt. Rose website – soooooo much fresh snow!!!!  LOVE IT!

So with my main man not going this Santa Pub Crawl turned into a girls trip – myself, my friend who has bad taste in music, a newer friend who seems like we have been friends for ages and her sister who is pretty awesome – I like to call this group “Tha Dream Team”.  We had the best time, no drama, no fights, just easy fun!  Perfection!

A must for this event aside from a costume is booking a hotel room – at least a month prior they will announce the host hotels – these hotels will have discounted rates – my favorite host hotel for this crawl is The Silver Legacy (2016 host hotels were Silver Legacy, El Dorado and Circus Circus) – if I am not a fan of what the host hotel is then I just book a room at Whitney Peak absolutely love that place).  For this trip we booked the room for Saturday night only – and the bonus was late check out was 1pm…..that is fantastic after getting back to the room in the wee hours…..This year they had some fun things going on…..

  • VIP passes so you can jump the line for those bars that have lines (altho we were in line at one of the bars and some people tried to use their VIP passes to jump the line and the door person basically said uh nope to bad so sad you aren’t jumping the line)
  • They had a cute reindeer statue out and about for all us crawlers to take pictures with and tag renosantacrawl on Instagram (I think to win VIP tix for next year or some other prizes – clearly not the main reason for me doing the crawl)
  • They had a special open tab at a bar – so if you said the saying and that bar had the tab you got your drinks for free – sadly we didn’t find it – but we also didn’t say “put it on nippers tab” at all the bars – so there is that
  • They also shut down the main road under the Reno arch for a huge group picture at 10pm – its super fun….although this year “the dream team” missed it – we clearly were having way to much fun to pay attention to the time!  Here is a picture from this year…..don’t bother looking for “tha dream team” we aren’t there….so how are all these people still having fun with tha dream team not there???  haahaa kidding….good times all around!

Here is a typical year:

  • Santa snowboard (2016 didn’t do this – refuse to do this without my hubs – plus my friends wont do it… humbugs!)
  • Check in to the hotel – at the Silver Legacy they sell the cups close to the check in area….
  • Little Nugget Diner – always the first stop after check in – best grub ever
  • Take a nap or gamble or pre-party – I usually root for a nap! (dont judge!)
  • Get transformed into a Santa Crawling machine
  • Head out and party with thousands of Santas
  • 10pm photo op under the Reno arch with a few of your friends…..
  • Stumble back to the room in the wee hours – of course after eating some yummy chicken strips
  • Hope for a late checkout, head back home to the babies.  Ahhhh always a great time!

This year “tha dream team” had some “special” moments:

First stop after check in was get our cups and take a pic with this big ole reindeer

I love my flag shawl/scarf do-hicky but my friend who has terrible taste in music (biggie yuck yuck) also has terrible taste in shawls as in she hated (pretty sure that is a soft word to describe her feelings for my shawl) it – so here is a pic for you my OB

Jello shots and grub from the Little Nugget up next

On the way to getting grub – one of our crew kept slipping around on the wet ground… after doing some google searches she decided the best way to get some grip on her shoes would be to file the bottoms – since we couldn’t find any sand paper (rather we didn’t want to walk down to Walgreen) we settled on getting nail files – and what better place to “file” the bottom of yours shoes in a Reno bar where a pregnant lady – a VERY pregnant lady is serving you cocktails (she made me remember how much I loved being pregnant – I really really loved being pregnant) – I love that one of our crew lit up her cigarette and then started to walk away from the bar – when we asked where are you going – she says “our bartender is very pregnant and I don’t want to blow my smoke around her” – ummmmm we are in a bar that is filled with smoke – damage is already done – love that she was looking out for the pregger gal –

Next up – nap time and COSTUMES!!!

This year was a good time – here are some pics from previous years also –

I promise you –

I will end this post with an inappropriate Christmas song –


Deck my balls with boughs of holly,

Fa la la la la, la la la.

Tap the keg, inflate the dolly,

Fa la la la la, la la la.

Don we now our rubber panties,

Fa la la la la, la la la.

We’re a bunch of twisted Santies,

Fa la la la la, la la la.

Naughty girls are such a treasure,

Fa la la la la, la la la.

These North Poles were made for pleasure,

Fa la la la la, la la la.

F-ed the elves, f-ed all the reindeer,

Fa la la la la, la la la.

F- the cookies, bring us COLD BEER!

Fa la la la la, la la la.

I hope to see you on the slopes (in costume) and in Reno in just over 1 week!!!!!!

Bye for now,