Pokemon Birthday Party

How I pulled off a Pokémon Birthday Party……

My niece and my youngest son have birthdays in the same month – and they both wanted a Pokémon theme……so I got to work looking for decoration ideas, game ideas, goody bags and cake ideas.  Here are the decorations, games and goody bags I ended up going with.  For my niece’s birthday, we went to Granlibakken (Granlibakken website) in Tahoe City (we call it the snow hotel), all of the kids had so much fun and all said it was the best birthday ever!  For my son’s birthday, we went to Rockin Jump (Rockin Jump Roseville, CA website), they take care of most everything so I didn’t need to do much in the decoration/games area.

Decorations for my niece’s birthday party

I purchased some store decorations and used some home printed items.

Goody Bags for my niece’s birthday party

For the goody bags I filled Pokémon cups with fun stuff – Pokémon bracelet, Pokémon backpack plush, Pokémon cards, candy and a custom Pokémon card with a picture and fun details about each kiddo.

Games for my niece’s birthday party

Pokeball Hunt:  Pokeballs get hidden for kiddos to find.  Each kiddo will get a bag to collect pokeballs and they run around finding the pokeballs……the kiddo who finds the most WINS!  A tip before hiding the balls – count them so you know how many are hidden…..when all the kiddos give their numbers you can add those up to know if any are still out there or all have been found.

Pokeball Launch: Have a basket (you can reuse the balls from the hunt) full of Pokeballs, have a bucket or two or three or four (I had a bucket for each kid), have a spoon or spoons (to launch the balls to the bucket).  Each kiddo will take a turn to launch the pokeballs into the bucket they choose as theirs (I put a Pokémon character on each bucket and before starting the game each kiddo chose which character they will be), whichever bucket has the most balls in it (even if someone else made a ball in your bucket for you) WINS!!!!  It was pretty fun when someone would make a ball for someone else.

Pokeball Psychic: Fill a jar with pokeballs for the kiddos to guess how many are in the jar, closest (you can choose without going over if you want, we had a couple little kids so I chose not to do that) is the WINNER!

Pin the Tail on the Pikachu: A twist on an all-time favorite, blindfold one kiddo at a time, spin them with the tail in hand and send them on their way to pin the tail on Pikachu.  The closest WINS!  For this party I totally forgot to bring a thumbtack to hand the frame with Pikachu picture (I put it in a frame so I can reuse the framed image – using removable double sided tape the tails easily came off the plastic on the frame – so I can use it again!) so we had to have someone sit in a chair and hold the frame, whatever works right?!

Cake for my niece’s birthday party

For my niece’s birthday party we went with a store bought cake that had a super cute Pokémon image on it – each one of our kiddos didn’t finish their cake – when we asked if they liked it they pretty much all said they prefer homemade.  LOVE THAT!  So for my son’s birthday it will be homemade.

Decorations for my son’s birthday party

I decorated the kitchen table area for my b-day boy, after school will be his party.  The birthday party at Rockin Jump was soooo fun – with the parties they schedule to be in the party room for 45 minutes so I opted to skip the decorations – really the party room is used to eat pizza, drink soda, grub on cake and then get back to jumping around out on the floor.

Goody Bags for my son’s birthday party

For the goody bags I filled Pokémon cups with fun stuff – Pokémon bracelet, Pokémon cards, candy and a custom Pokémon card that was a thank you for coming to my party.

Games for my son’s birthday party

I was going to have the Pokeball Psychic, but I decided at the last minute to skip that which turned out to be a good call, the kiddos really just wanted to jump, rock climb and laser tag.

Cake for my son’s birthday party

For my son’s birthday party I went with cupcakes – I tried to have them look like pokeballs.  My kiddos have said they prefer homemade cakes/cupcakes so homemade they got…..not from scratch, that would be just crazy!!!!  I used box cake mix and did make the frosting from scratch – from our favorite recipe, yummmmm.  I added a little pizazz by adding a Pokémon card to each cupcake.

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