A Joker Inspired Costume

This tid bit will be how I put together my Joker inspired costume for the Reno Superhero Crawl.  If you love this look and would like a custom skirt made please contact me, I would be thrilled to work with you!.  I received lots of attention, a ton of “great costume” and “I love that costume” – and mostly from ladies, so when that happens you know you are looking good (and definitely puts a pep in your step).

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I love a theme party – especially one where you can dress in a costume!  So here are the pieces I used to put this Joker inspired costume together; along with some links.

The Joker inspired cosplay costume

JOKER SKIRT: Lets start with the skirt – that really is where it all started for this costume – I knew I wanted a Joker inspired skirt that was short in the front and long in the back – and a little burlesque in style – so this is what I came up with for the Joker.  The skirt can fit any size, for the I used pretty ribbon to lift up the front of the skirt – I can also use elastic (which I used on my Riddler inspired skirt pictured below – honestly I like the look of the elastic much better).

Riddler inspired costume/cosplay skirt

I have the Joker skirt (or full costume) listed at my ESTY shop (I also made the Riddler skirt so if you are interested in that character please message me!

for ThisHive’s Etsy shop – click here

JOKER HAIR: This year was a challenge to figure out how to do my hair!  I knew I wanted a mohawk style – so I used a green wig and cut pieces of the wig hair off the wig cap – then I inserted them into my hair (I made a bunch of pony tails following a mohawk style) – once I had all the wig pieces in my hair I pinned the green hair up and around to make the mohawk style really stand out – then I added silver glitter to the slicked back sides of my hair for a little pizzazz.  If you are interested in how to do this look let me know and I will get a video up for you (otherwise I will be taking my time to post that to my YouTube channel).  Items needed for the Joker inspired hair: bobby pins, hair spray, hair rubber bands, green hair, glitter sparkle.  Here is a wig I would use  (honestly wish I would have used one like this as its longer in length so would have been much easier to work with)

ThisHive’s Joker Inspired Costume – wig suggestion – click here

For the glitter sparkle I just used my glitter eye liner – multi purpose baby!!  If you have your own glitter use that for sure, or you can skip this step entirely – I just think it adds a little fun.  I used Urban Decay Heavy Metal only because that is what I happened to have – I couldn’t find silver glitter eyeliner in any other brand at the time so I ended up paying a premium price – its a great product but for a costume I would prefer to pay less – way less.  So here is an item that would work and not break the budget!  Now I haven’t used any other glitter eyeliner other than Urban Decay soooo unsure how good it works

ThisHive’s Joker Inspired Costume – glitter suggestion – click here

JOKER FLOWER: I put this little gem together and LOVE IT!

JOKER TOP(S):  I used a sleeveless green button up blouse and a burnt orange vest which I cut the back out and added purple elastic just to add a little something extra – I found my blouse at H&M and the vest on Amazon – here are a couple links to items that would work – yikes the vest is no longer available in the orange – guess I need to get to making one!  This vest could work:

ThisHive’s Joker Inspired Costume – vest suggestion – click here

and this green blouse would work

ThisHive’s Joker Inspired Costume – green blouse suggestion – click here

JOKER SHOES: I wore these cute cute shoes most of the night and then when our crew had enough of our cute shoes (ladies you know the struggle of cute shoe pain!) we went back to our room and put on “sensible” shoes – mine happened to be Joker Converse – THEME baby!!!!!!  The “cute” shoes paired with school girl socks is amazing!!!

either of these socks would be amazing:

school girl socks idea A – click here

school girl socks idea B – click here

and the shoes……

ThisHive’s Joker Inspired Costume – THESE SHOES! – click here

GUN: This was a fun little accessory

ThisHive’s Joker Inspired Costume – gun accessory suggestion – click here

MAKEUP: For the foundation I used my normal liquid foundation and added white cream makeup (Halloween type – clown white), I set it with powder.  For the eyes I used a green shade, an orange shade and a purple shade – I lined with green eyeliner, added mascara, added glitter eyeliner to my lash line and to my eyebrows for fun and used a thick red lip pencil/stick for my lips and Joker smile.  Here are the items I used: 

This was one of my favorite costumes to date – if you give this a try I would love to see your take/version of it!  Please post pictures or tag me!!!

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