Halloween Guy and the Halloween Tree

Christmas has Santa…..Halloween needs a guy…..so I made one up!

I have always wondered why oh why can’t I find as many Halloween decorations as they have on display for Christmas, that is simply POPPYCOCK (whenever I can use that word I jump all over it – I love it).  I mean come on now, Halloween is AWESOME-SAUCE!!!!  The costumes, the ghouls, the vampires, the creepy cloth, the fake blood, the costumes, the mummies, Freddy, Jason, the spiders, the gargoyles, the costumes, the parties, the zombies, the pub crawls, the pumpkin patch, the pumpkin carving, the costumes, the everything!!!  I do have a decent collection of decorations so our house is themed up nicely; but then I thought about my kiddos and how at Christmas time there are those rambunctious little elves that report to Santa and Santa brings good little ghouls and boys gifts, why can’t there be a Halloween version?  And the tradition of Halloween Guy was born (I know not very clever on the name).  The first year I did this my tree was sad, the next year I was on the lookout for a tree that was worthy of this tradition but nothing really got me excited.  So I settled, but still kept my eye out.  Then I found a Christmas tree but in black – YAESSSS!!!  This has been my tree for a few years now and it is PERFECTION.  I am still working on my Halloween ornaments collection and I am sure I will be working on that for many years to come, as the selection is nothing like you get for Christmas, blah.

Now onto how I work our tradition of the Halloween guy.  Early in October we (and by we I mean me and my kiddos, the hubs wants no part of the crazy) bring the tree down, set the ornaments out and pop in this cool yet creepy DVD in the player.  The DVD is called Ghoul Log; it displays a fiery jack-o-lantern on the TV screen and plays spooky sound effects.  While we decorate our Halloween tree this is playing in the background.  This year while decorating the hubs came in from outside – spooky sounds playing and Halloween decorating in full effect – “you have some serious issues” he says – haaaa, I am okay with that!  After we are all done with decorating our Halloween tree we step back to take a look at our finished product, it takes every fiber of my being to not rearrange the ornaments.  I let my boys do most of the tree decorating, I am pretty particular with decorations and where they should/shouldn’t go, so for me to let the tree mostly be as they decorated it is huge.

Here is a parade of past Halloween Trees:

Now for the Halloween Guy part; while decorating I remind my kiddos that the Halloween Guy knows when kids have been kind or thoughtful and might deliver a little something under the tree before Halloween.  So before Halloween when my boys do something that I feel deserves a little something special I will wrap a little toy and put it under the Halloween Tree.  They can open these little gifts when they appear under the tree (for wrapping the little gifts I use plain brown paper and put Halloween stickers on the paper, I have used plain black wrapping paper.  Sadly I haven’t found Halloween wrapping paper with a price tag I am willing to pay).  The night before Halloween I fill a Trick-or-Treat bag with candies, toys, books, crayons, coloring books, etc. and put those under the tree as the finale.  They can open those before we head out to trick or treat – this way I get pictures of them opening gifts by the tree in costume – LOVE!!!!  The little toys that I randomly put out are things like: silly putty, noise putty (fart sounding putty heehee), blind bag toys, basically little toys my boys enjoy that are under $5 (less is even better).

Here are some pics from past Halloween Guy gifts:

So my pretties that is our Halloween Guy tradition – it has been fun so far – hope you start this tradition in your home as well, if you do please share pictures of your tree, I would love to see it!  Happy Haunting!!!!

Bye for now,

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