Gettin outta town – ThisHive’s favorite places to camp

So we are going to be going on a camping trip soon, this one will be a dirt biking trip, so I thought I would do a post on camping…..and list our favorite places to go camping (so far anyway).  Since having our children we decided to switch to trailer camping, well technically a toy hauler.  Before the kiddos we did the tent camping thing all the time, and enjoyed it – then we went tent camping with our oldest son when he was a baby – not so much fun, then we gave tent camping a go once more when our second son was a baby – NO MORE tent camping for us – that was miserable!  I have a girlfriend who has done tent camping and still does with her kiddos; since they were babies – let’s call her Celia – she makes it look soooo EASY – for me it wasn’t – so the hubs researched and researched and got us a toy hauler – I love it!  Hmmm that gives me an idea for another blog – the toy hauler we decided on, the pros, the cons and what I wish it had – so I will work on that one soon!  Okay okay back to this post!

Here are our favorite places to camp (along with some photo memories):

  • Gualala River Redwood Park – this is great for tent camping or trailer camping – its family friendly and simply amazing – I think our favorite of the favorites! And if you are trailer camping ask about the honey wagon (I think that’s what it is called), it’s worth the cost, your welcome, smile.
    kiddos playing in an old tree at Gualala River Redwood Park – at our campsite

    kiddos playing at our campsite – Gualala River Redwood Park
  • Moonrocks (I haven’t found an actual website for this spot but this one has good info) – this is north of Sparks, Nevada – not a great place to tent camp and no hookups – this is a favorite when taking the dirt bikes – tons of trails for dirt bikes or dirt type fun toys.
    moonrocks has lots of open space for the kiddos to practice riding
    moonrocks has miles and miles of trails to get your riding on!

  • Boca Rest Campground – this one if best for trailer camping but you could tent camp; also no hook ups; it is located about 15 minutes from Truckee CA – we like this one when we are going to be bringing the dirt bikes – some fun trails to ride – would be fun to bring jet skis or kayaks for the water or mountain bikes.
  • Indian Springs – located close to Truckee CA this campsite is great for tent or trailer camping (however if you have a large trailer you could have some issues, just a heads up – we have a 32’ trailer and really only a few sites work for us – okay back to why we like this place – I think the main reason I like this campsite is my friend who makes tent camping look so easy has a family reunion here every year and it’s a great time every year – there is a fun swimming hole and lots of trees that provide some great shade – this year the hornets were terrible (heads up) – here is a tested method – it WORKS…..roll up a slice of ham and put it on a skewer, put the skewered meat on the plastic bowl, fill with some water then pour vegetable oil over the surface of the water so it’s about ¼ inch below the meat, don’t let the meat touch the water because the bees can then climb out – this works, we tried it – BLAM!
  • Coloma Resort – located close-ish to Placerville, CA this campsite has it ALL – perfect for tent or trailer camping – there is a river close by (you can reserve sites along the river), it’s a short walk to check out the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, the campground has a swimming pool – check out their website – it’s a great place to go camping for sure! There is a bridge you will need to cross to get to the camp ground so if your trailer is tall you should measure it to make sure you can fit under.

Places on my camping bucket list and hope to have firsthand knowledge of campgrounds soon:

Lake Tahoe

Beach / Coast Camping

Washougal (for motocross)

Oregon Coast / Dunes

While on our getaway here are some activities I bring along for the kiddos:

Bubbles, glow sticks, art projects, drawing, strider bikes – shoveling dirt and toys are fav’s for the kiddos; I had been trying to come up with a scavenger hunt for my boys – I came across this idea and loved it –

I do hope you can get to some of our fav’s and I hope you have as much fun camping as we do!

Please let me know if you have any favorite campgrounds (in California, Oregon or Nevada) – I would love to check them out!

Bye for now, camper!

mama BEE

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