Gettin Outta Town – my getting ready to go camping plan….

Hello friends! I am still in camping mode so here is a post on what goes into getting our clan on the road to a camping destination…..I did a post on our favorite camp grounds, I would love for you to check that out also!
Now on to the packing up process I go through; I am a planner and a list maker (that keeps me from getting stressed)…… that we have a mobile fun box we keep many things in there at all times – I love that part – here is a list of what we have stocked in our toy hauler at all times:
MASTER BEDROOM: (after each trip I wash all the sheets – so we are fresh and clean for the next trip)
BED: bed made with clean sheets, pillows and blankets
UNDER THE BED: we keep extra sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, broom, Swiffer mop, back pack for hiking, life jackets
CLOSETS: wet wipes, beanies, gloves
UNDER THE SINK CABINET: clean hand towels, clean bath towels and over the door racks (when we get to our destination I flip one rack around on the cabinet door and put a clean towel out, the other two I put over the shower walls)
MEDICINE CABINET: toothpaste, toothbrushes & cup for each family member, dental floss, clean wash clothes, hand soap with dish, qtips/cotton balls, nail clippers, combs
SHOWER: shampoo/conditioner, body wash, wash sponge, shaving razor, when we get to destination I put 2 over door hang racks on the shower walls where we can hang jackets, scarfs over shirts etc. (I like this better than jackets etc. on the chairs or floor!!)
CABINET ABOVE THE TOILET: toilet paper, toilet cleaner, bath garbage bags, air freshener, fold-able laundry hamper (when we arrive to our destination I put it out)
TV AREA: we have apple products and we keep this adapter in the toy hauler to be able to watch things from our iPad while out and about (apple’s digital av adapter and hdmi cable)
CABINETS ABOVE SINK AND COUNTER: plates, bowls, cups, wine glasses, cozies, bug candles, table clothes, dish drying rack, paper towels holders (one for inside one for outside), kitchen cleaner, paper towels, room fragrance, disposable rubber gloves (for emptying the black water), baby wipes, ziplock bags, garbage bags, first aid kit, folding step stool, flashlights
CABINET UNDER SINK: cutting board, strainer, aluminum foil, pots and pans, roasting sticks
DRAWERS: utensils, knifes, kitchen gadgets, hand towels, dish washing soap, hand soap
MICROWAVE: I keep a basket in the microwave so when we get to our destination this basket will come down next to the door on the floor where my boys can put their shoes – in hopes to keep them in one place and not make the floor super dirty!
FRIDGE: nothing kept in there silly – it would spoil, smile
CABINETS ABOVE SLIDE OUT: I keep empty baskets in there, this is where we put all our dry foods and snacks
CABINETS ABOVE CHAIRS: storage folder for all the trailer papers and manuals, storage bins with art supplies, 4 beach towels, small dustpan w/broom, big jar of bubbles (can’t ever have to many bubbles with kiddos), bucket with books games & glow sticks, a basket that will get put outside w/playing cards, lighter, matches, bottle openers for those brewskies, uno, dice, pens and paper tablet for keeping scores
REAR AREA BED/COUCH: the upper bed has clean sheets, blanket and pillows – we have rubber matting under the mattress trying to make it more comfy – sadly doesn’t work so well, I might get some egg crate stuff to put under until we pull the trigger and get a good mattress, I keep our moto bags with all the clothes and gear in this area
ENTRY BULLETIN BOARD/HOOKS: I keep a fun little camp rules sign hanging here
OUTSIDE STORAGE CABINET: camp chef grill and accessories, black water doohickey hose thing, the hubs keeps his essentials for the toy hauler, camp chairs, fire extinguisher, ropes, shovel, water hose, tool kit, leveling blocks, propane, duct tape, tarp, extension cords….I am sure I am missing items but hey I really don’t go into that area….that is the hubs domain!
And here is a list of what we pack each trip (this trip will be a dirt biking/camping trip):
UNDER THE BED: camel backs (for when we go out on the dirt bikes, or hiking), some extra blankets (I think it will be cold at night so going to be prepared)
CLOSETS: clothes – I will pack for myself and our boys – Friday evening, Saturday day and evening, Sunday day – moto clothes are already in moto bags WOOP! The hubs will pack his own clothes….
UNDER THE SINK CABINET: nadda all taken care of!!!!
MEDICINE CABINET: toiletries that I don’t like to keep in the heat of summer inside the toy hauler – lotion, sunscreen, bug spray, toothpaste, lip balm
SHOWER: usually I bring out body wash, shampoo, and conditioner – but those are already in the shower this time – sweet!
CABINET ABOVE THE TOILET: nadda all done woohoo
TV AREA: nadda
CABINET UNDER THE SINK: done yeah this is why I love the toy hauler
DRAWERS: easy peasy – done
MICROWAVE: d.o.n.e.
FRIDGE: we generally go shopping day of or night before so we can just put camp groceries from the store directly into the toy hauler (hubs is really great about getting the fridge turned on a day before we go shopping – yeah he is pretty awesome).
CABINETS ABOVE SLIDE OUT: just like the fridge dealio, we go shop and fill ‘er up…..
CABINETS ABOVE CHAIRS: I like to take inventory to make sure I will have enough “fun things” and if I am missing something or want to add I do that – I always make sure I have glow sticks, art supplies and bubbles.
REAR AREA BED/COUCH: for non-dirt biking trips, we put the bed and couch up for the ice chests (we bring those for soda/beer and put outside the toy hauler for easy access), bicycles, I have a toy bucket for each of my boys and they fill with toys they want to bring, for dirt bike adventures we put all our dirt bikes and gear here also – side note: we have a Yeti cooler, the hubs splurged one time and let me tell you that thing is pretty awesome! It keeps things cold much longer than any other cooler we had in the past, we also have a coolest cooler – it is the “coolest” (lame joke yes, but I couldn’t help it) – if you aren’t familiar with the coolest cooler you should check them out – – yikes the price is high! We didn’t pay that, we got in on it when they were just starting and getting funding to make them… glad we did that! It really is a super cool cooler…..we like it a lot.
ENTRY BULLETIN BOARD/HOOKS: sunglasses for the fam, meal/snack menu, and keys when we get to the campsite of course!
OUTSIDE STORAGE CABINET: mostly done, I think, again this is the hubs domain and like a good wifey I stay away…..heehee
I like to make a menu listing breakfast meals, lunch meals, dinner meals and snacks – and post it on the bulletin board –
Then we make a shopping list based on our menu ideas, next I take the list and cross off any items we already have at home – and what’s left is our actual shopping list…..I am less stressed doing it this way, the hubs says I am a control freak and I suppose this method really does shout control freak….oh well, it works for me and maybe someone else will enjoy this method.
I hope this rambling camping post has been helpful – and if you have any ideas to share please do!  I am always looking for ways to fine tune my getting ready routine!

Bye for now, camper,


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