How to get it all done – how about this….suck it up buttercup!

How to get it all done – how about this….suck it up buttercup!

I have been struggling to get it all done?  The getting the kids ready for school, the showers/baths, the brushing of the teeth, the laundry (washing/drying/putting away), the cleaning the house, the dishes, the shopping, the taking care of the pets, the taking care of the landscaping, the care of the pool, the bills – the never ending list of day to day things to get done – then the random things that pop up!

Well I have some advice for myself – you ready for it?  Get off your lazy ass and just start tackling that list!!!!!  Seriously that is it – and really I am writing this blog mostly for ME!  If someone else can get a little pick me up from this rant SWEET – but that isn’t my goal here – my goal is to get myself back into productivity mode – I lost that spark – and I feel lazy – and that feeling is yucky and I need it to END!

If I really take a hard look at why things aren’t getting done like I would like them to all that needs to be asked is – have I really put effort into it?  Chances are no not really.

I have this list of things I want/need to get done and then get all stressed when I have more to add and haven’t crossed anything off…..or look at the load of laundry that needs to be put away or dishes that need to be washed – well why are they still sitting there…..because I chose to check social media, because I chose to play some mindless iPad game, because I chose to start some other project that wasn’t on my to do list……if I take a serious look I find so much “wasted” time!  I am speaking mostly for chores and such for at home but this also goes for a regular job outside of the home – I know when I was working outside of the home there would be times I felt pressure from all of the work I needed to get done – I may have been able to get some of the work done if I hadn’t been on social media on the job, or been looking for costume ideas on the job, or making vacation plans while on the job – I should have been actually working which would have resulted in a happier less stressed me – and I am pretty sure while I was doing all that non-work stuff at work I was telling myself this will make me happy and less stressed when really if I would have just put my big girl pants on and just done my actual work that would have made me much more happy – same for at home…….

I know when I actually get my booty up and out of bed in the morning at the planned time and spend my day actually completing things around the house by the end of the day I am a bit “body tired” but so “head happy”.

Social media is a crazy thing……it’s a vortex of happiness yet a productivity killer!!!!  And it’s funny here I am writing a blog on getting more productive; talking about social media being the productivity killer; yet I hope somehow you find this little blog of mine on social media and I gain another subscriber – funny – but really I guess the key is social media moderation – and don’t get sucked into the social media vortex – Pinterest is a big one for me; I can spend hours on there!

My goal is to get back to trying my hardest to get all the household duties completed by Friday evening so that the weekend is all free to spend however we wish as a family!  Whether it’s going out of town or just being lazy together at “tha compound” – with all the “duties” done during the week the weekend is “duty” free.  (That would be this mama’s job…..try and keep the papa from having to do household chores)

Of course things happen and I have to adjust my days plan – but for the most part this worked super well for me in the past – I do need to find a place to get some serious exercise in there…..I have also seen a serious decrease in my motivation since stopping my working out.

The hope is that me posting this gives me that push to get my motivation back – tomorrow is the day!  Get up 6 am and lights out 8:30 pm and in between get as much done as possible – and social media only while sitting in my truck waiting to pick up the kiddos and at the very end of the day……good luck to me and you if you follow along!!!!

Again this post is to get ME back to get it done mode – and hopefully bring some of you along with me!!!!!

Bye for now,  mamaBEE