Fun Father’s Day Tradition

Last year our family took a camping trip to Coloma Resort along the American River (in California between Placerville and Auburn) during Fathers Day weekend.  We enjoyed it so much that this has now become our Fathers Day tradition!  Our first year we camped, fished and took a little peek at some of what the little town of Coloma had to offer – we didn’t get to exploring everything so I am glad to check out more this year!  I am also excited to really check out the fun things Coloma Resort  has to offer – I definitely recommend this place – I also want to do a full review of the campground with a list of the best campsites (of course my opinion), so I hope you subscribe to get the alert when that new post happens!

So now onto our Fathers Day tradition and some gift ideas – hopefully you will get some ideas for the fathers in your life or even start your own “fathers day camping” tradition.

As I said before every year Fathers Day we take my baby daddy and our babies GPa to Coloma Resort.  Hopefully one year soon my brother and my brother-in-law and their family will join us – it would be wonderful to have GPa, his sons and his grand-babies all together every year – hopefully that will work out sometime.  We camp in trailers…..yeah yeah some people say it’s not really camping – I am all about wussy-camping, smile.  We get to the campsite Thursday afternoon/evening and head out Sunday afternoon – Thursday, Friday, Saturday is all normal camping type stuff – campfires, s’mores, hot chocolate, bubbles, hiking along the river, playing in the dirt – this year we will venture to what the campsite has to offer – swimming pool, rope course and some of the nightly entertainment – the town of Coloma is a short walk and has lots of history and things to see so we will most likely venture there again.  Sunday (Fathers Day) I get up before the papas and set up the picnic tables – one for my baby daddy and one for GPa – my baby daddy gets pictures of his boys, beer bouquet, an “all about my dad” questionnaire, a card and a gift – GPa gets pictures of his grand-babies and a card.  This year my boys want to also treat them to a “Fathers Day Tea” – the boys will make Papa & GPa place mats and serve them tea – I love this idea!  We enjoy time with the fathers, have breakfast and then start to pack up and head home.

ThisHive has a Pinterest board with some other Fathers Day ideas pinned – please check that out and give us a follow! ThisHive Fathers Day Pinterest Board

Fathers Day gifts
my baby daddy Father’s Day picnic table set-up with Pictures, Beer Bouquet, “all about dad” and cards
Fathers Day gifts
GPa Fathers Day picnic table set up – pictures of his grand-babies – holding “WE LOVE YOU” –
Fathers Day Beer Bouquet
Beer Bouquet – 6 pack of dads favorite beer, planter, decorative grass, artificial flowers (cut the flower from the stem), glue gun or tape (glue/tape the flower to the bottom of the beer bottle) and arrange like a bouquet of the most thirst quenching flowers!

Here are a few pictures from our hike and fishing outings –

Happy Father’s Day to all you papa’s out there!

Life is full of HONEY – BEE all up in it!

Bye for now,

Mama BEE