Bishops Pumpkin Farm an annual fall tradition

Bishops Pumpkin Farm is an annual fall tradition for ThisHive and is located in Northern California…..Wheatland.

This post is being posted WAYYYY later than I had wanted….but hey life happens and I can’t lock all these kids up in the dog kennel… I ended up paying attention to all the kiddos instead of paying attention to my keyboard – guess better late than never and at least it’s before Halloween and before Bishops Pumpkin Farm opening!  Upside!  This year (2017) Bishops Pumpkin Farm will open 09/16/17 and last day will be 11/05/17.

Bishops Pumpkin Farm is a staple of our Fall/Halloween time festivities – we visit Bishops at least 3 times during the season.  This will be a post of what a typical trip looks like with my kiddos along with pricing.

Parking is free during the week, big YAY for that!  Entry into Bishops is free and there is a charge for parking on the weekends.  Parking is free in September (of course after opening day), even on the weekends!  October parking is free Monday-Thursday, Friday-Sunday parking is $10, and they do offer $5 discount after 5pm and $5 discount with Military ID.  November parking is free Wednesday-Friday 11/01/17-11/03/17, Saturday and Sunday 11/04/17-11/05/17 parking is $5 ($5 Military ID still available).

Our first stop is usually the ticket booth unless I planned ahead and purchased online from their website Bishops Pumpkin Farm website – click here, tickets range from .89 to .99 each ticket depending on the date, and they have ticket package options to save some moola.  Anytime tickets cost .99 each (or $47.99/50 or $89.99/100) and can be used, well….anytime, smile (they are green in color).  Value day tickets cost .89 each (or $39.99/50 or $69.99/100) and can be used every day EXCEPT weekends in October (these are yellow in color).  The dates in October that Value Tickets CAN NOT be used are: October 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th.

There are some attractions that require tickets to participate:

  • Corn Maze – 6 Tickets – FUN! we usually do this once each season
  • Coyote Mountain – 5 Tickets – FAVORITE! we do this each visit
  • Carousel – 4 Tickets – we don’t always do this one
  • Train – 4 Tickets – this is an every visit thing for us
  • Zipline – 12 Tickets – we have not tried this one yet
  • Weeland Petting Zoo – 2 tickets – feed is an additional 3 tickets
  • Sunflower Labyrinth – 2 tickets if you take a sunflower home

Our next stop is usually Charlies Carousel, this takes 4 tickets each rider (parents can accompany the child for free).  If we have any kiddos with us that do not want to do the carousel we let them play at The Tire Jump, which is next to the carousel (that is free and kiddos seem to have a blast jumping from tire to tire).

When the kiddos have had enough of jumping on old tires we head over to Coyote Mountain, this is a major favorite – the kids talk about year round!  Coyote Mountain is a ticketed activity taking 5 tickets each, the attendant will put a wrist band on and give you a Ziploc baggie (parents are free with the kiddos).  The wrist band allows you to keep coming back to enjoy the slides, the Ziploc baggie is to put the marbles you pan for in – every time we pass through the entry my kiddos charge straight to the panning area – EVERY TIME!  There is a cute little area with water flowing and rocks with marbles hiding within, there are pans out for the kids to use – panning for marbles!  It really is cool, they do ask you only pan for 10 marbles max…..I suppose you can pan and pan and pan if you throw the marble back (the marble version of catch and release??  Haaahaaa).  This is an activity area I totally recommend, the kiddos are contained in an area where you can relax yet keep an eye on them, I am a helicopter mom for sure so that situation is right up my ally!  Once the kiddos got their max marbles we head over to, and by head over to I mean they mad dash over to the slides.  There is a lower slide area and a higher slide area, we mostly do the higher slide – they love it!!!  They would stay here for the entire time if given the option…..eventually we head out to visit the rest of the farm….Here are a few pics from Coyote Mountain – marble panning and the slides (the slides are electric!)

Next stop usually is food, but with The Tree House in between Coyote Mountain and the food court area play usually trumps the grumbling tummies.  We stop to let play happen…..there are a couple benches for parentals to sit and relax plus its nicely shaded, why yes kiddos I will let you play while I relax at this shaded bench!

Finally food…..Pigadeli Square (haahaa I love the name), they have choices of foods but sadly you can’t order all the choices at the same window;  for example if you want pizza, corn dog and chicken strips – all those are sold at different windows!  They have kid lunches that come in a cute little bag, we use these bags all the time, well by we I mean my kiddos use the bags all the time – for toting toys around mostly.  They also have a discounted price for refills on the souvenir cups, on the day you purchase your cup the refills are free, if you bring a cup from a previous purchase (even from years ago) the refills in past years have been 99 cents.

All Aboard!  Every visit we ride The Bishop Pumpkin Farm Railroad, this attraction takes 4 tickets each person.  Take a leisurely train ride throughout the pumpkin farm and I definitely recommend this one.

After the train ride we hop on over to one of the pumpkin patches, great opportunity for photos and just playing around.  There is another patch you take a hayride to, but usually we just visit the one right by the train station……the kiddos like to run around and jump on some of the giant pumpkins, check out the rotting pumpkins and just have fun – I love the photos I get from this area.  It is great place to get the family together to take pics for Christmas cards.

Mrs. B’s Country Bakery generally has a long line so if you see it with a short line JUMP ON THAT!  The yummiest apple pie!  They also have cakes, muffins, cookies, bread and soft serve ice cream.

Another every visit stop is Farmer Bills Barn, the kiddos can explore the barn and head upstairs to take the slide back down, they can even play in a room filled with real corn kernels……this play area has lots of seating around it for parents to hang and watch kiddos play play play!

Fort ALotaFun, another staple for us, it’s a cute wooden fort, and enclosed which is my FAV!

Generally our last activity of the visit is picking out a pumpkin – but first a couple stops are a must – soft serve ice cream cones if we hadn’t already gotten them, or maybe have a second one! mmmmmm

While the kiddos are busy with their soft serve yumminess – mama visits the shops – BPF Gift Shop, they have a crazy awesome selection of Christmas ornaments and a good selection of Halloween decorations, I always find something I MUST have, smile.  Fannie Annie’s Emporium has some candies, unique toys and amazing homemade fudge!

Then……..a stop at Babe’s Cookieactory is in order!  These cookies are DELISH!  We go big and order a bucket, oh my, they are good.  Years past if you bring your bucket back you get ½ off your bucket of cookies!  Next on to picking out a pumpkin to take home and carve, you can pick your pumpkin from any of the pumpkin fields, or the pumpkins in the bins by the exit and you pay for all of them at the exit.  Of course they have handy dandy “wheelbarrow thingy maboppers” (technical term there) to help if you like to get those monster pumpkins or if you have a bunch of pumpkins to take to the vehicle.

All the above are things we do each and every visit to Bishops Pumpkin Farm, below are things we do at least once or try and do or will do during some visit in the future.

I so enjoy the Sunflower Labyrinth, taking a nice little walk through the labyrinth of sunflowers, watching all the bees and just taking in the beauty.  The walk through the labyrinth if free, if you would like to cut a sunflower to take home that will cost ya 2 tickets.  Some of my favorite memories are in the Sunflower Labyrinth, my boys and my nieces just walking around finding bees and beautiful sunflowers.  They are so happy running around finding the beauty.  And they take such time to decide on the perfect sunflower to cut and then those thoughtful little people give those away, once I was lucky enough to receive but usually Grandma and Elisi (grandma in Cherokee) receive the sunflowers.

The Corn Maze we visit at least once per season, this is a ticket attraction taking 6 tickets.  This is 4 acres of corny fun, haha.  There is a bridge in the maze, it is cool to get up there and take in the view.

On busy weekends the Barnyard BBQ has turkey legs and DELICIOUS roasted corn!  To be honest I typically do not like going on the weekends, so.many.people.  But…..we do make sure to do one weekend so we can grub on the roasted corn – it’s delicious!!!

The Hay Jump is visited by us at least once per season….the kiddos love to bounce and jump around in this bouncy hay zone.

Behind the BPF Gift Shop there is a little play area and a great pumpkin resides there.  I like to get pictures of my kiddos with this pumpkin, the kiddos can climb in and on – great photo ops!

Close to the Treehouse is a caboose – our crew of kiddos love to play in there.  This Southern Pacific car traveled through Wheatland from 1940-1980 and now it sits at Bishops Pumpkin Farm for all of us kiddos big and small to enjoy.

The Weeland Petting Zoo, this one some years we visit some we just don’t, it’s all up to the kiddos.  It’s a cute little setup, it’s like a town, and they have a school, hospital, church and even have a mayor.  It will cost you 2 tickets to enter and an additional 3 tickets if you would like feed.

Some of the things we still have yet to see/do are:

  • Hay Rides:  Free straw-filled wagon ride to 72 acres of pumpkin fields.
  • Flower Farm: Cut your own flower bouquet or purchase one that is already cut.
  • NASPIG Races: Pig races.
  • Zipline: Fly down 200 feet of wire!
  • The Cider Mill: Watch apple pressing and peeling, pumpkin cooking and buy apple cider.
  • Fire Pits: You can reserve a fire pit Thursdays through Sundays in October.  There is a cost.

See you soon Bishops, see you soon!

If you family has any annual Fall/Halloween places you visit – please share, I would love to hear about what other families are doing for fun during the wonderful time of the year!

Bye for now,


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