BEE working with me


I would so enjoy to hear any partnership ideas for my readers as well as yours of course!  If you are on this page I am guessing you have liked what you have seen so far, and I am thrilled.  ThisHive of mine is down to try anything once….. or more if we like it!  That is a big deal for us – gotta try it before you knock it OR love it!!!  So that being said, ThisHive is a great team to partner with – we are fun, open, kind, hardworking and relate-able!

I am a lifestyle blogger chit chatting about all my adventures and misadventures, smile.  My hive consists of me (mamaBEE), the husband, our two crumbs (the two legged babies, well boys not babies any longer – sniffle sniffle), our two weims (the four-legged babies), Elisi (grandma on my side) and GPa & GMa (on the papa side).  This hive is all about taking on any adventure, big or small, busy or relaxing, home or away from home – we are down for whatever!

We recently purchased a toy hauler and are excited to take our hive on the road – ready to take on all the amazing places our great country has to offer!  Our rolling hotel is ready to get out there…..explore all the sites, visit all the states and take our dirt bikes along in search of trails to get our moto on!

I would love to team up with you and your business.  Lets create some HONEY!

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I look forward to hearing from you and getting this collaboration under way!  Please email and I will respond quickly.