BEE about me

O Si Yo – Hello I am the mama of this hive – I adore my boys; all of them – the two legged boys (our babies who are growing up way to fast), the four legged boys (our pups) and the grown boy (my hubs).

me in a few pictures…….

me and the hubs

me and my brodie-love
me and my Dylan-ski
the pups (not at all spoiled)



me and my beautiful mama
me – haha the outfit – I LOVED to play soccer!

So about me…..I am truly happy with the person I am today – of course being a person I am proud to be and love is a constant work in progress – but all in all I am so happy with who I am today.  To be honest most of my life I have not liked myself at all – so me even saying I like myself is huge.

The first thing about me…….I am long winded on the keyboard!  I will type and type and type……and I will side-note often – sorry not sorry, haha.

Me:  I love being a mama; I seriously just can’t get enough of it!  I love love love being a mama, and even though my boys are 5 and 7 right now I am dreading high school graduation – silly I know – but I really do love being a mama – everything about it – the sweet, the dirty, the funny, the gross, the happy, the sad, the proud, the disappointed, the good, the bad – ALL OF IT I LOVE!!!  I am so happy wrapped up in this cozy blanket of mama-hood!

I even LOVED being pregnant – I am good with two boys but if I could just always be pregnant I would’t be sad – crazy yes – but I so enjoyed being pregnant!  I also beyond love being a wife, a ball-n-chain, an ol’ lady, a baby mama – I am married to my best friend – if there is something going on my baby daddy is the first person I want to do that with – he is easy on the eyes, he is super smart, he is funny, he is fun and he is all mine which makes me so lucky!

me and the hubs playin in the snow

I really like to try and get my craft on; quilts, sewing clothes, making random projects, making costumes (hands down my favorite) and now I am into learning to crochet – I just like to make things!   I am obsessed with costume themed pub crawls – Reno, NV has THE BEST pub crawls!!!!

Some other random things about me other than my love of my family:

  • I love Tupac, E-40, Prince and Eminem
  • I love costumes and theme parties
  • I have been a fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson since he was layin the smack down on all those jebronies
  • I have always been a fan of Adam Sandler, Wesley Snipes and Jennifer Lopez
  • Mitch Hedberg, Bernie Mack, D.L. Hughley, Lisa Lampanelli, Jerry Seinfeld, Daniel Tosh, Andrew Dice Clay and Norm MacDonald always make me laugh
  • I am a big fan of the Sacramento Kings and always will be
  • I am all about Nike – love the brand – not sure why – just do (just do it – hahahahaaa)
  • I am most comfortable in jeans and a tank top – I totally dislike wearing anything that has sleeves or a high neck
  • I am totally into motocross/supercross and riding dirt bikes all thanks to my hubby
  • I like to use the phrase “what not”

That is probably enough for now…..or more than enough – either way I will end the about me here.  To join us on this journey please subscribe and follow ThisHive – this journey is WAY more fun together!!

bye for now, mamaBEE